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“A cartoon library wide-open to all cartoon lovers.”

If you are looking for a place to park yourself in this busy city, come and immerse yourself into the cultural multiplex.
From old-school comics in the 90s to the latest animations, you can read 40,000 books for free.

Comics Cafe Books / Search the Comics Cafe collection!
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Facility Details
Special Books Shelves featuring special topics and cartoons selected by curators View in 360˚ VR
New Books Shelves featuring new books View in 360˚ VR
Featured Books Shelves featuring popular books View in 360˚ VR
Useful Books Shelves featuring books to help (future) creators create their own content View in 360˚ VR
Thematic Books Shelves featuring seven themes
  • - Strange and unique
  • - Mystique and marvelous
  • - Passionate and fiery
  • - Exciting and touching
  • - Curious and intriguing
  • - Lively and moving
  • - Pretty and heart-warming
View in 360˚ VR
Gallery Permanent exhibitions of outstanding local and international creators’ content and works View in 360˚ VR
Video Materials Shelves featuring local and international animation videos;
have them screened in the ON AIR video room or the small theater
View in 360˚ VR
Books by Period Shelves featuring books sorted in the chronological order from the 1990s to the 2010s View in 360˚ VR
Books by Country Shelves featuring international books on cartoons View in 360˚ VR
Dream Classroom Classroom for teaching and seminars (up to 24 people) View in 360˚ VR
Small Theater Theater for animation screening, lectures, and seminars (up to 50 people) View in 360˚ VR
Video Watching and Book Reading Zones Individual video watching seats and reading space View in 360˚ VR

Comics Cafe Contact Information

  • - Service inquiries: 02-3455-8330
  • - Space rental inquiries: 02-3455-8322