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Ani Picnic
“Go on a picnic to Seoul with Korea’s most-loved animation characters!”

Pororo, Tayo, Super Wings, Sofy Ruby, Slow Slow Sloth Neul, Wonderland Alice, Turnig Mecard and many other characters are waiting for you at Seoul’s famous attractions! Dive into a range of experience, including digital drawing, stop motion animations, motion-recognition flight experience, and VR programs.

VR Ani Picnic View in 360° VR Invitation to Wonderland VR Ani Stop Motion Pororo Digital Drawing Super Wings Seoul Airport Baby Bus Tayo Cart Neul Media Art Forest Choi Rock Cinema Sofy Ruby Camper Van Katuri Forest Playground


  • Invitation to Wonderland VR
    Invitation to Wonderland VR

    Experience the up-to-the-minute virtual reality (VR) technology based on character content.
    Be a hero and save the Wonderland in the VR games.

    View in 360˚ VR View maps
  • Ani Stop Motion
    Ani Stop Motion

    Be an animation director and have hands-on experience in stop motion production, from character producing to filming. Produce your own stop motion animation.

    View in 360˚ VR View maps
  • Pororo Digital Drawing
    Pororo Digital Drawing

    Draw a picture and see it move in the digital video environment. Paint your own animals in the sea with Pororo Friends.

    View in 360˚ VR View maps
  • Super Wings Seoul Airport
    Super Wings Seoul Airport

    A motion recognition flight experience with Super Wings. Join the Super Wings fleet at Seoul Airport and fly freely in the sky, dodging obstacles and control your flying speed.

    View in 360˚ VR View maps
  • Baby Bus Tayo Cart
    Tayo The Little Bus Cart

    An experience program to drive a Tayo The Little Bus in Namsan, Seoul. Drive safely and show off your driving skills to get the Tayo Driver License!

    View in 360˚ VR View maps
  • Neul Media Art Forest
    Neul Media Art Forest

    A media art experience zone featuring Slow Slow Sloth Neul. Join Neul in his rooftop house, taking photos and relaxing yourself.

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  • Choi Rock Cinema
    Choi Rock Cinema

    A multi-projection cinema (three-fold theater) screening Choi Rock animations including Dino Mecard, Turning Mecard, Hello Carbot, and Sofy Ruby. Watch animations with friends!

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  • Sofy Ruby Camper Van
    Sofy Ruby Camper Van

    Chit-chat with family and take photos in a nice camper van on the Hangang riverside.
    Turn yourself to Sofy Ruby in their own costumes.

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  • Katuri Forest Playground
    Katuri Forest Playground

    Katuri family’s lovely home is a resting area for everyone.
    Play hide-and-seek with Katuri in the forest playground.

    View in 360˚ VR View maps

Convenience Facilities

  • Café(Food & Beverage)

    Enjoy fresh brewed coffee, beverages, and bakery.
    Help yourself to toys to play with.

    Ani Picnic, 2nd fl., Seoul Animation Center
  • Locker(Locker)

    Visitors can use free lockers
    next to the ticket booth.

    Ani Picnic, 2nd fl., Seoul Animation Center
  • Pram Park(Pram Park)

    Visitors can leave their prams
    to the pram park.

    Ani Picnic, 2nd fl., Seoul Animation Center
  • Nursing Room(Baby Care room)

    A resting area for babies and infants.
    Has a baby changing station,
    a washstand, and a microwave.

    Ani Picnic, 2nd fl., Seoul Animation Center

Ani Picnic Contact Information

  • - Service inquiries: 02-3455-8341~2
  • - Space rental inquiries: 02-3455-8322