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Need pleasant moments in the city?
Come to Seoul Animation Center and Zaemirang and dive into multifaceted attractions!

Animation's past and future

SBA Seoul Animation Center

Seoul Animation Center is a center for the cultural content industry and a leading experience venue in Korea, dedicated to vitalizing the animation industry and serving citizens and businesses.

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  • Ani Picnic

    Themed around Seoul tours, Ani Picnic is a character experience zone featuring famous animation characters in Korea. Join your favorite characters in famous photo zones in Seoul such as Seoul Station, Namsan, and Gwanghwamun and have hands-on experience in digital drawing, stop motion animation, motion recognition flight experience, and VR games.

  • Comics Cafe

    Comics Cafe is a cultural multiplex for you to take a break in the crowded downtown area. Enjoy the free collection of 30,000 comic books, ranging from old-school comics in the 90s to the latest animations.

Creative Hands-On Education

Seoul Animation Center offers education programs designed to promote cultural content such as animations and cartoons and help with capacity building.
These include the Kids Toon Ani Teen School that is an in-depth training course for cartoon/webtoon/animation creators 

Special Spots on Myeongdong Cartoon Street Zaemiro

Zaemirang Experience and Stores / Offices

Embellished with cartoon-inspired objects and wall paintings, the theme street Zaemiro is home to the Ani Town Cluster, which consists of Zaemirang experience and stores that offer a range of content and experience programs and house creative studios and Zaemirang offices for promising content businesses.

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  • Zaemirang Experience and Stores

    Zaemirang experience and stores are home to resident companies serving citizens in cafes, galleries, and stores in Ani Town.

    The resident companies offer cartoon and webtoon content exhibitions and experiences and run goods shop that sell goods and everyday items featuring artists' content.

  • Zaemirang Offices

    Zaemirang offices are for content creators, planners, developers, and producers in Ani Town.

    They are specialists in producing characters and educational animations based on their original IPs and developing content in various areas including webtoons and animations.