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What is Zaemiro?

Located in Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, the cartoon street ‘Zaemiro’ is a ‘content-specialized street’ of Sangsang Town, a content cluster built around the Seoul Animation Center. ‘Zaemiro’ is about 450m from Myeong-dong Station Exit 3 to Seoul Animation Center, and you can enjoy several Korean cartoons, animations, characters and illustrations on the street. Connecting Myeong-dong and Namsan, ‘Zaemiro’ provides a variety of cultural experiences in downtown Seoul.

  • An attractive place to exhibit for Korean exhibitors and artists!
  • A place that citizens and tourists want to take pictures and visit!
  • A place where people come to revitalize the area for local business owners!

Special Content Exhibition

SBA Seoul Animation Center is renovating the outdated road environment in connection with the urban regeneration project, and creating a street gallery where special exhibitions of trendy content are held periodically.
In addition, we provide opportunities for publicity and promotion to creators by discovering new artists and supporting exhibitions in offline spaces. We also provide opportunities for citizens and tourists to experience excellent Seoul culture.

Re-draw Project

‘Re-draw the city.’ Myeong-dong Zaemiro Re-draw project is part of the special content exhibition. The domestic exhibition company ‘Printbakery’ and the famous artist ‘Grafflex’ participated in redesiging Myeong-dong’s famous attraction ‘Zaemiro’.
In addition to street exhibitions, various programs such as art classes, gift-giving events, illustration contests, and Comics Cafe exhibitions are held at Zaemiro and Seoul Animation Center.